Frequently Asked Questions

Q:How do the doctors at the clinic take call?

A: All of our doctors take call for themselves during the week. Call is covered by our physicians rotating on the weekend.

Q: Will I always see my doctor?

A: Yes! We do not make you see different doctors. If you make an appointment with a particular doctor then you will see that doctor.

Q: When will I have to see a doctor other than my doctor?

A: The only time this will happen is if your doctor is not on call due to illness, vacation, or if he or she is not on call for the weekend duty.

Q: Will I have to rotate doctors if I am pregnant?

A: No! Your doctor will see you each and every time unless he or she is unavailable due to illness, vacation, or weekend call.

Q: Will my doctor deliver my baby?

A: Yes! Most of the time this will be possible. Since the OB doctors see all of their own patients and only switch call on the weekends, you have greater than an 85% chance that your doctor will deliver your baby.

Q: What if my doctor is not on call on the weekend and I go into labor?

A: The doctor on call at The Woman's Clinic will be there to deliver you. No other doctors from outside the clinic cover our calls or deliveries.

Q: Why is the call schedule for the OB doctors at the Woman's Clinic better than that of a solo practitioner?

A: At The Woman's Clinic, all of the doctors see their own patients and since we all share similar quality practice guidlines, anything you plan with your Woman's Clinic doctor will be honored and performed by the partner who may be on call for your doctor if he or she is sick, on vacation, or off for a weekend.

Q: How does this differ from solo practice?

A: Solo practitioners have the opportunity to develop uniquely different practices and procedures, some of which vary greatly from other solo practitioners. When a solo Doc is sick or on vacation or needs to trade out weekends, you may end up with a physician who may not deliver babies in the same fashion as your doctor would unless prior arrangements have been made.

Q: How do I know when to come to the hospital if I think I am in labor?

A: If your water breaks or if you think your water breaks come immediately to the hospital labor unit. If you begin having contractions and they are regular and 5 to 7 minutes apart, come to the labor unit. If you are not sure what to do, come in to the labor unit.

Q: Do I need to call before coming to the hospital?

A: NO! There are always nurses trained to care for you at the hospital and they will get the appropriate information from you and call your doctor.

Q: How do I contact my doctor if I have a problem after hours?

A: If you have an emergency, you can go directly to the hospital emergency room. If you do not think the problem is serious enough for hospitalization, you may call our main number at any hour of the day or night and the answering service will contact the physician on call.

Q: How many ultrasounds will I have during my pregnancy?

A: Usually only 2. For an insurance company to pay, the ultrasounds must be medically necessary. Anyone may request an U/S, but must realize they may have to pay out of pocket if insurance denies payment.
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