Dexa Scan \ Bone Density Testing

A Dexa Scan accurately and painlessly measures your bone density. In addition, is has the capability to obtain an Instant Vertebral Assessment™ (IVA), which is a 10- second, low-dose x-ray scan of the entire spine, allowing doctors to see existing vertebral fractures, which may indicate the need for more aggressive treatment, even if bone density results are in the “normal” range.

What to expect during your Bone Density Exam

During your Bone Density test, you will lay comfortably on a padded table while the Dexa Unit scans two or more areas, usually the fracture-prone hip and spine. The entire process takes only minutes to complete. A Bone Density test does not involve any injections or invasive procedures, and you remain fully clothed.

Preparing for a Bone Density Scan:
  • Unless otherwise instructed, eat normally the day of exam: but do NOT take your Calcium supplement for at least 24 hours prior to scan.

  • Wear Loose, comfortable clothing. Sweatsuits and other attire without zippers, buttons, or metal are preferred.

  • You should not have a barium study, radioisotope injection, oral or intravenous contrast material from a CT scan or MRI within seven days prior to your Bone Density Scan.
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