Normal and High Risk Care for Obstetric Patients

The Woman's Clinic is pleased to announce affiliations with BOARD CERTIFIED PERINATOLOGISTS ( an OB/GYN specially trained to care for High Risk Obstetric patients ). An affiliation with the Perinatology Group of Baton Rouge has been arranged by The Woman's Clinic and Saint Francis Medical Center.

These board certified HIGH RISK OB SPECIALISTS are available to be seen through an appointment at Saint Francis Medical Center. Since there is NOT a board certified High Risk OB in the Monroe and West Monroe area, this service has been extended to all OB physicians who are not affiliated with The Woman's Clinic.

Certain conditions may require you to see one of these Board Certified Specialists. Some conditions include fetal anomalies, some twin pregnancies, triplet pregnancies, previous pregnancy loss, severe pre-eclampsia, intrauterine growth restriction, preterm conditions, just to name a few.

Your doctor will determine whether your pregnancy qualifies as a HIGH RISK PREGNANCY and will appropriately make a referral appointment. If you have concerns about your pregnancy and feel that you would like to see the High Risk OB Specialists, discuss this with your doctor, and remember, The Woman's Clinic was the first clinic to offer this important service to ALL patients of Northeast Louisiana.

The Woman's Clinic has once again taken obstetric care to the next level for patients in Monroe/West Monroe!!

Ask about our new 4D Ultrasound with Color Flow Doppler imaging, the first of this newest technology in Northeast Louisiana!!!
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