The Heartsure Clinic Low Glycemic Diet

(Source:  Duke University Medical Center, 2006)

Low Glycemic Foods (20-49)

(Decrease risk of developing heart disease)

Breakfast Cereals:

All-Bran All-Bran Fruit ‘n Oats

Fiber One Oatmeal (not instant) Oat bran

Fruits and fruit juices: (Limit to 1-2 servings per day)

Apples Apricots (fresh & dried)

Blackberries Blueberries

Cherries Cranberries Peaches Pears Plums Prunes

Grapefruit Raspberries Strawberries Tangerine


Apple juice Grapefruit juice

Tomato juice


Beans and legumes (fresh-cooked):

Black-eyed peas Butter beans

Chick peas Lentils

Green beans Lima beans Kidney beans Navy beans

Pinto beans Snow peas


Non-starchy vegetables:

Asparagus, avocado, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, celery, cucumber, greens, lettuce, mushrooms, peppers, tomatoes, okra, onions, spinach, summer squash


Barley Bulgur

Rye Wild rice

Nuts and oils :

Almonds Peanuts Sunflower seeds Hazelnuts Pecans Walnuts

Oils that are liquid at room temperature


Dairy, fish, meat, soy, and eggs:

Milk, skim Lowfat cheese

Yogurt, lowfat, fruit sugar sweetened

Lean red meat Fish

Skinless chicken & turkey Shellfish

Egg whites (up to 3 daily) Soy products

Egg yolks (up to 7 or _____ per week)

Moderate Glycemic Foods (50-69)


Breakfast Cereals:

Bran Buds Bran Chex

Just Right Mini-Wheats

Special K Swiss muesli



Banana (under-ripe) Dates

Figs Grapes

Kiwi Mango

Oranges Raisins


Fruit Juices:

Cranberry juice Orange juice


Beans and legumes:

Boston-type baked beans

Canned pinto, kidney, or navy beans

Green peas



Beets Carrots

Sweet potato Yam

Corn on the cob



Pita (pocket) bread Oat bran bread

Pumpernickel bread Rye bread

Wheat bread, high fiber


Cornmeal Rice, brown Rice, white Couscous



Macaroni Pizza, cheese Ravioli, meat filled Spaghetti, white



Cashews Macadamia



Chocolate Ice cream, lowfat Muffin Popcorn

High Glycemic Foods (70-100)

Breakfast Cereals:

Cheerios Corn Chex

Corn Flakes Cream of Wheat

Grape Nuts Grape Nut Flakes

Grits Nutri-Grain

Puffed Rice Puffed Wheat

Rice Chex Rice Krispies

Shredded Wheat Team



Pineapple Watermelon

Banana (over-ripe)



Sodas, sweet tea, pineapple juice



Potato, baked, boiled, fried, mashed

French fries

Canned or frozen corn


Winter squash



Most breads (white and whole grain)

Bagels Bread sticks

Bread stuffing Kaiser roll

Dinner rolls



Rice, instant Tapioca, with milk


Candy and most cookies



Donuts Corn chips Jelly beans Pretzels


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